Your First Time in London

Unforgettable first moments in London abound and are up for grabs. Make sure that when you visit the city, you take advantage of all the magical moments it offers, for “there's in London all that life can afford”.
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It might not sound like a thrilling activity, but it will surely make for a hell of a holiday snap if you pose in an iconic red phone booth. Don't you dare turn down this opportunity, otherwise your friends and family might just send you back to London so you can get that traditional picture.
Nobody will believe you visited one of the capitals of the world if you don't get a picture of the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Yes, these pictures flood the Internet and postcards, but you still need your own so go get it.
As if typical pictures of the Big Ben were popular, what about shots of the aerial view from the London Eye, another unmissable landmark when you visit London for the first time.
If you are travelling with a special someone, take a stroll down the Thames as the sun sets and illuminates the water, for an incredible view. Then you can sit on a bench and be mesmerised as the Tower Bridge lights up as the sun descends.
That amazing moment when you see the Buckingham Palace for the first time and feel overwhelmed from its sheer magnitude. Then get amazed five minutes later when you see the Westminster Abbey.
London also offers time travelling like when you feel caught up in the Victorian era as you stumble upon traditionally dressed men on horseback.
The first time you rush to the higher level of a double decker bus so you can admire the view of the city as you are riding the bus.
Another unmissable moment is when you spot the Platform 9 3/4 cart by Kings Cross and you pose for a photo, whether you like Harry Potter or not, this picture is a must-have.
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