Top 5 April’s Events in Europe

Top 5 April's Events in Europe
top 5 april's events in europeEurope's holiness and royalty enrich popular festivities in April. Spring has finally arrived and outdoor events are starting to brighten up the continent's streets. From the blooming fields in Holland to the gorgeous beaches of the Mediterranean region, merry hearts await the summertime.
1) Semana Santa (Spain): during the Easter week, thousands of hooded penitents carry holy icons through the streets of Spanish cities. The parades gather masses of people who fervently watch the beautiful thrones made out of gold.
2) Settimana Santa (Italy):The mediterranean country celebrates Holy Week with parades and passion plays. By Holy Thursday, Rome is packed with the faithful and even non-believers. Hundreds of thousands surround the Vatican and St Peter's Basilica, full of emotion and piety.
3) Greek Easter (Greece): this is the most important festival in the Greek Orthodox calendar. It is a celebratory event as the Resurrection is the main element of festivity. The festival reaches its peak at midnight on Easter Sunday, when candles are lit, and fireworks and candlelit procession illuminate the streets.
4) Feria de Abril (Spain): Seville hosts a week-long party full of flamenco, joy and arts. The city's ancient squares gather masses of people who dance, sing, talk and celebrate all day and throughout the night.
5) Koninginnedag -Queen's Day- (Netherlands): On 30 April, the whole nation is driven into a frenzy. Orange costumes and fake afros, beer, dope, leather boys, temporary roller coasters and clogs are seen all over Holland while general craziness takes over the country. Particularly, Amsterdam is the place to be on Queen's Day as it is the epicentre of the celebration. Raise your glass to the Queen!
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