The Inbetweeners phenomenon



From the UK to the US and even to Australia, The Inbetweeners are a global phenomenon. Following the awkward teenage years of Will (Simon Bird) and his friends Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison), and Jay (James Buckley), the British smash-hit became the comedy series of a generation of teenagers and young adults that watched the show during its three season run.

The show tells the story and misadventures of an unpopular group of friends who are desperately trying to fit in by trying to party and impress girls, but that in their attempt they pull a number of pranks and mishaps that make them so endearing and hilarious. As expected in a British comedy, the group fails miserably at their attempt to blend in and they do in the most cringe-inducing, scandalous and lough-out-loud way.
The story centers on Will, a snobbish nerd who has been transferred from a private school, after his parents' divorce, to Rudge Park Comprehensive. Despite being Will's voiceover that one that introduces and concludes each episode, he is an unconventional hero. While he is the most intelligent member of the group and he is focused on getting into a good university, he is also romantically frustrated.
While his friend Jay is the most vulgar of the group as well as a compulsive liar, Simon plays a hopeless romantic and is Will's closest friend out of the group. Neil, well, he is just an idiot, but an endearing one. Although none of the characters have any redeeming qualities, they have a great capacity to make the audience laugh.
The series is also known for its insane phrases, such as:
“I will be humiliated in front of the girl I've lusted after since she was eight.”
“I've never loved anything before, apart from a car or a sandwich.”
“How long is my lunch hour?” “An hour.”
The Inbetweeners success in the US was such that MTV released the American version of the TV show. Once the British TV show finished, two films based on the original TV show were created, featuring the original cast. The first was called “The Inbetweeners, the movie” and the Inbetweeners 2 follows the group of friends as they meet up again for a holiday in Australia.
Ever since the feature films were released, fans have been eagerly wishing for a third movie to hit cinemas. However, actor Simon Bird - who plays Will McKenzie - revealed that his days as an inbetweener are over and he will not reunite with his former co-stars on screen.
“It was great while it lasted,” he said to Gaby Roslin, “but we are too old for that now. We're old men. I feel so old!”
“It was a great time making The Inbetweeners. I still see the boys all the time. It's sad that it's over, but it is over unfortunately.”


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