Roskilde Festival 2013

Roskilde Festival 2013
roskilde festivalEach summer, Northern Europe's largest culture and music festival rocks Roskilde for four consecutive days in June. The festival was founded in 1971 and it offers quality experiences based on modern music and creative kinship.
The Caribbean superstar, Rihanna, will deliver an explosive pop party, while the American band The Lumineers will take their stomp-and-clap rock at Roskilde Festival this year. One of today's biggest stars in R&B, pop and hiphop, Rihanna will bring dance moves, sex appeal and inescapable choruses to the Nordic summer night.
Meanwhile, The Lumineers are conquering the world. Even Marcus of Mumford & Sons has praised The Lumineers and confessed they are a personal favourite. Their melodic tunes like “Ho Hey” and Wesley Schultz' voice are a blissful delight.
The complete lineup is yet to be announced but so far rock-oriented bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot and Volbeat have been confirmed. However, the Festival once and again surprises everyone in the end. Mythical artists like Bob Marley, Talking Heads, U2, Metallica and Radiohead have played in Roskilde, which shows the festival's outreach and what we can expect from this year's lineup.
Roskilde Festival is also a non-profit organisation which shows concern towards environmental issues, humanitarian causes and cultural work. The event reflects a boundary-pushing cultural-political manifestation. It is based on the efforts of unpaid workforce who focus on audience service, quality, creativity and safety. Ultimately,all profits from Roskilde Festival are donated to humanitarian and cultural work.
The 2013 Roskilde Festival Arts programme has not been announced yet, but certainly there will be great art installations, super performances and works of art that visitors can be part of creating.
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