Krakow Festivals

krakow's top festivalsKrakow's top Festivals
Krakow's top FestivalsaMany Polish cities are known for their majesty, yet the beauty of Krakow is unparalleled. As it was the royal capital of Poland until 1596, the city is skyline is beautified by magnificent historic buildings while its streetscapes are stunning. The gorgeous Wavel Castle is the city's trademark while the cathedral raises impressively above the town.
But unforgettable sights is not all the city has to offer. There are also a range of festivals and events that bring Krakow to life.
1) Krakow International Film Festival: The Krakow Film Festival takes place in May and June and focuses on short films, documentaries and animated features. The categories of the festival comprise Polish and international films. After the ceremonies, attendees can stick around for a chat with the filmmakers and even the actors.
2) Photomonth in Krakow: May is the month of Photography in Krakow. Dozens of exhibitions showcase great photographic works throughout the month in various bars and cafes, and unusual venues like the Old Okocim brewery or Sindler's Factory.
3) Jewish Culture Festival: It takes place between June and July in Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter. The history of the place is marked by the tragedy of the Second World War, but the festival is all about having a merry time. Visitors from far and wide meet in this extraordinary festival to listen to Klezmer bands (from classical to electronic), watch movies, attend book launches and lectures and enjoy the typical food of the place. The classic is the Szeroka Street block party which closes the festival.
4) International Festival of Street Theatre: It takes place in July and it brings together actors, circus artists, comedians and musicians plus a host of special effects to celebrate Street Theatre, which has been intrinsic to Cracovian life since time immemorial.
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