Franz Ferdinand UK Tour

Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand is going to ‘take the UK out' for a music tour to remember. The indie band started to hit the road back in 2014 after the success of their 2013 comeback album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions, which debuted at number 6 in the UK Album Charts and number 1 on the UK Indie Chart.
Well Franz Ferdinand, You know the fans are here waiting for you. They're just a cross-hair. They're just a shot away from you. And they are lucky the band is touring at all, especially after frontman Alex Kapranos recently admitted he nearly ended the band during their break from music.
“The fun went out when I felt I was working to someone else's schedule or deadline,” the frontman said in an interview with The Observer.
“I'm not naturally the kind of person who works well under those conditions. In fact, my whole adult life before that point, if I'd been in a job where I felt I was under pressure, I would usually just jack in the job. And suddenly I couldn't do that anymore. But maybe... Maybe, that's what we did after the third record.”
When he was asked whether or not the band actually split up, Kapranos explained: “I met up with Bob (Hardy, bassist) in Orkney about two years ago. I wanted to split the band up, because in my head it felt like one of those jobs... the ones I had to jack in. I didn't like the routine and the obligations. And whether those obligations lay with my contemporaries, my peers, my record label, the fans, the audience - or maybe myself... I felt... It was time to stop that.”
Here are the upcoming dates for the UK tour:
June 16, 2015 The Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, UK
June 29, 2015 Troxy 490 Commercial Road, London, UK
August 24, 2015 Festival Theatre Edinburgh 13-29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, UK
August 25, 2015 Manchester, UK
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