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Now that we've talked about the best British TV shows of all time, it's time to talk about one of the factors that have sparked their popularity. This factor are their irresistible catchphrases, product of the writers‘ wit and sense of humor, who have used the talent not only to create intricate plots and memorable lines, but also catchphrases that have been echoed by audience from far and wide.

To top the list is the British TV show “Only fools and horses” with its famous catchphrase “Lovely jubbly.” The line is so popular, you can purchase a mug with the catch phrase written on it.
Another popular catch phrase is “What a liberty!” made famous by “Catherine Tate Show.” This is a comedy sketch series co-written and performed by Catherine Tate and broadcasted on BBC.
Little Britain (photo) is one of the TV shows that have been most successful outside of its homeland and is a factory of hilarious catchphrases. One of this lines is the famous “Yeah, but no, but yeah, but.”
The Only Way is Essex is a BAFTA award-winning “scripted reality” television soap opera for showing “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way. Set in Brentwood, England, the show has been compared to Jersey Shore. Despite from being filmed just a few days before it is aired, the show has produced one of the most popular lines in TV history, and that is “Well Jel.”
Presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness, Take Me Out is a British dating game show inspired by the Australian show “Taken Out.” The show has originated one popular catchphrase: “No likely, no lighty!”
The Fast Show, known in the US as Brilliant, is a British comedy sketch show program that ran relied on character sketches, recurring running gags and many catchphrases. It was different from traditional sketch series in that its sketches were relatively brief. One of its famous catchphrases was “Suits you, sir!”
But it is also famous for many other just as good, as well as hilarious lines such as the one spoken by Our Janine: “I've gone vegetarian now. I mean, I know I had sausage roll yesterday, but it's not really meat, is it, y'know? I mean, there's no animal called a ‘sausage'.”
Swiss Toni also spoke memorable lines such as “Putting up a tent is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. Unzip the door, put up your pole, and slip into the old bag.”
Dad's Army was a factory of catchphrases, most notably: “Don't panic!”; “Permission to speak, sir!”, “They don't like it up ‘em!” and “You stupid boy.”
Doctor Who is another TV show known for its catchphrases: “Hello, sweetie,” “Exterminate” and “Spoilers.” And so is The Generation Game with its lines: “Nice to see you, to see you... nice”, “Didn't he/she/they do well?”, “Shut that door!”, “What a gay day!”, “seems like a nice boy!” and “look at the muck on ‘ere!”


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