Bestival, Isle of Wight


Chills, they're multiplying! Get ready to lose control because the power Bestival is supplying... it's electrifying! This is not a Grease re-enactment, but by the way people dress for this music festival, they might as well burn the whole mile.
bestival festAnd it's just that Bestival is called that way for a reason. While Bestival's line-up is the most electric you'll ever experience, it is the festival's uniqueness what makes it a universe of discovery and adventure, ranging from the most original boutique campsite experience, to the Bollywood Cocktail Bar, a Wishing Tree Stage, fancy dress en-mass and even a Roller Disco.
People dressing up like in “Sesame Street” is not the only surprise; each year they come up with equally odd places to sleep, including yurts, tepees, squrts and wooden beach-style huts.
This mind-blowing event, which takes place in September, is a multi-award four day music festival set at Robil Hill Hear Newport in the heart of Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. Since its foundation in 2004, Bestival has been awarded Best Medium-Sized Festival (2009, 2007, 2006 and 2005), Best Major Festival (2012 and 2010), and Fan's Favourite Festival (2011).
“Organiser Rob Da Bank puts his quirky touches on everything,” says Andy Buchan, Infusion Magazine's Middle East Editor. “From the line-up to the non-music tents which make Glastonbury's Lost Vagueness seem sedate in comparison, it's a winner in my eyes.”
After ten years of pioneering music events and record releases from Rob da Bank and his Sunday best empire, the BBC Radio 1 JD had a dream to create dream of how the modern day festival should be. Today that dream is now fulfilled thanks to Rob da Bank, creative director, his wife Josie da Bank and co-founders John and Ziggy from Get involved.
Bestival's uniqueness is due to Josie and Rob da Bank's creative vision. While Rob enriches the festival's line-up with his massive music experience, his wife give it a creative touch that set it apart from all other events, such as the dress code, campside, bar and roller disco.
Bestival takes place between Thursday 8th and Sunday 11th September 2016 at Robin Hill Country Park near Newport on the lovely Isle of Wight.


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