Benicassim Festival, Spain

Benicassim FestivalParty until sunrise by the beach! Camping overnight, celebration and epic bands are nothing surprising about the world's top music festivals, but when the event takes place in a party country like Spain, all other festivals can step aside.
Jamming, beach and speedos! That's what characterizes this unmissable mid-summer event in the coastal town in Valencia. Beach all day and bands all night! Over 35,000 music lovers gather in this event, a mix of the fun laid-back spirit of a beach party and a rave-up, with the background of the best music in the world.
Benicassim is also a modern version of the Arab baths; one way or another you will get wet. If you don't start sweating from the Spanish weather or take a dip in the shore or the waterpark, don't worry, someone will surely get beer on you. Nobody is leaving this party dry... in any sense. But don't panic, there are showers at the campsite. As to the other case, there's hangover food, including paella tapas, in the town centre.
Benicassim is also known as Glastonbury-on-Sea is not random: over half of the crowd are British. That figure does not only show Brits love of Spain but also their impeccable taste in music and long tradition as festival-goers. Besides, most of the bands are international and sing in English.
If you attend this festival, which takes place mid-July, don't miss the waterslides and rope-swings of Benicassim's waterpark. Also, if you are camping, make sure you pick a shady spot since the Spanish weather can turn tents left open into canvas saunas.
2013's line-up included The Killers, Kaiser Chief, Beady Eye and Primal Scream. We are yet to know what 2014 has in store for music-beach-lovers!
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