ABBA The Museum to open in May

ABBA The Museum to open in May
abba the museum Walk in. Dance out. That is the tagline of the new ABBA museum opening in Stockholm. Everything related to the Swedish band -stories, music, lyrics, costumes and musicals- will be gathered under the same roof. The museum is meant to tell the story of four talented people who got together in the early 70s and whose music marked a turning point in Swedish music history.
The Swedish Music Hall of Fame is currently under construction across the street from the Skansen Open-Air Museum, and it is also close to attractions like Gröna Lund, The Vasa Museum and Liljevalch's.
In previous occasions, the band's members have expressed their wishes that if an ABBA museum were to be built, it should be located in Stockholm. “I couldn't have dreamed of a better location,” said Björn Ulvaeus, member of the iconic 70's pop group ABBA and also a stakeholder of the project.
“ABBA The Museum will fit right in a Swedish Music Hall of Fame, as it is a part of Sweden's pop history. And the location at Stockholm's Djurgården feels like coming home,” he added.
The museum's managing director, Mattias Hansson, said to the BBC, “We are entering the place where each and every visitor can, for a brief moment, become the fifth member of Abba,” as he showed the reporter a bright white room containing a small white platform.
“It might not look like much now,” he added. “But in a few weeks the band will appear on that stage as life-size holograms and you can dance and sing up there with them.” Visitors will also have the opportunity to virtually try on Abba's trademark sparkly dresses and flared trousers with the help of green screen technology.
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