A fox song gone viral

Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet... but there's a sound that no one knows... What does the fox say?ylvis
What started as a joke about what the fox says by the comedy duo from Norway, Ylvis, has taken the world by storm. The video starts like a children's song and takes off as a hilarious and catchy parody which includes mocking references to pop songs, funny lyrics and humorous scenes.
Nobody would have thought a song about a fox would go viral on YouTube, like it did back in September 2013, with over 181 million views in two months, which brought the brothers to international attention.
Over a thumping electronic beat, the song poses an evident question: “What does the fox say?” The video shows a grandfather reading a story a child, making different voices, as dancers in the background move to the beat of snappy sounds of what the fox might say that have been chanted by millions across Europe and the USA.
The duo has been around since 2000, making an appearance in a series of successful variety shows, comical concerts, TV shows, radio shows and music videos. Nowadays, Ylvis host a popular Norwegian talk show I kveld med Ylvis.
A number of comedy and parody music videos have been released onto YouTube and other streaming media. “The Fox” and “Stonehenge” have also been released as singles. 
Since the release of “The Fox”, Ylvis have received an overwhelming number of offers for interviews, concerts and major label record contracts from around the world.
Ylvis's first performance abroad couldn't have been better. They had the opportunity to enter the US through the big doors as they appeared in the popular hilarious TV show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They also surprised the crowd of IHeartRadio Music Festival with their unannounced appearance in Las Vegas.
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