15 Fun Facts About Europe

You think you know everything about good old Europe. Well, here are some interesting facts that will surely surprise. For instance, did you know that the first croissant wasn't invented in France or Italy, but in Austria?
europe funHowever, what's most striking is that London's underground escalators travel a distance equal to two trips around the world each week. That's a lot of travelling.
They say that Rome wasn't built in a day and the leaning tower of Pisa took a bit longer than that - well, no less than 200 years. Brick by brick over two centuries lead tho this majestic piece of architecture that has become one of the best-known buildings in the world.
That the Turkish community is exceedingly large in Germany should surprise nobody, but what about this fact? Berlin has even more doner kebab places than Istanbul.
We know that Germans like their Christmas period. Indeed, they even invented the Christmas Tree. Plus German markets are also well known. Who hasn't tried a bratwurst or a pretzel at a market during the holiday season? Yet, who was aware that Berlin alone boast more than 60 Christmas markets. Sixty!
Not that you'd be looking for them, but if you are wondering where you can find Europe's highest toilets, then that would be atop Mont Blanc. Hopefully, you don't suffer from vertigo because they are at 4,260 metres.
We all know the majestic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but no matter how majestic can you believe that this building, built in contemporary times took longer to build than the Great Pyramids built thousands of years ago.
If you are stranded in Brussels airport, be merry and indulge yourself in some chocolate. Here you'll find more of this sinfully delicious treat than anywhere else in the world.
In Italy, locals never drink cappuccino after 11am. So if you find yourself in Italy and you are not an early riser, you turn to milkshake.
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